Soppangheid for Kaaps: Power, creolisation and Kaaps Afrikaans

  • Hein Willemse University of Pretoria


In this contribution, the dignity of speakers of Cape Afrikaans (Kaaps) is discussed with
reference to the need for bi-dialectic tuition at school and Afrikaans poetry written
in the Cape eye dialect. It is argued here that, besides Standard Afrikaans, a greater
awareness of language varieties must be cultivated in education and the media so
that learners develop the ability to control a variety of language registers. Further the
manifestation of Kaaps, as eye dialect, is discussed at the hand of poetry examples.
Here it is found that poets often stereotypically affirm topics in their poetry written
in dialect format. The hope is expressed that the dignity of Kaaps Afrikaans in poetry
can be attained with multiple rhetorical strategies. The soppangheid, dignity, of Kaaps
is not only a linguistic issue, but can also serve as a confirmation of the dignity of all
Afrikaans speakers.

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Willemse, H. (2018). Soppangheid for Kaaps: Power, creolisation and Kaaps Afrikaans. Multilingual Margins: A Journal of Multilingualism from the Periphery, 3(2), 73 - 85.