• Christopher Stroud University of the Western Cape
  • Quentin Williams University of the Western Cape
Keywords: Editorial


This is a collection of linguistic trivia, picked from the mundaneness of everyday speech. However, as each of the papers so well documents, the trivia is far from trivial and the seemingly marginal linguistic phenomena studied here are full of significance, not least from the vantage point of the margins. The papers provide detailed analyses of how ‘small talk’ regularly contributes to the emergence of meaning and interpersonal understanding; items that get repeated across turns and speakers, for example, help interlocutors stake out joint coordinates in relation to the flow of conversation, scaffolding what a speaker may be taken to be referencing—or intending to reference—and allowing them to mutually work towards a shared stance on ‘what a word might mean’.

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Stroud, C., & Williams, Q. (2018). Editorial. Multilingual Margins: A Journal of Multilingualism from the Periphery, 2(1), 2. https://doi.org/10.14426/mm.v2i1.62